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Men’s health

This unique and interactive course can be taught as live on-line. It will also be available as a hybrid in 2023..

Receiving excellent feedback from previous attendees and suggestions for other courses on our other minor illness courses it appeared that a minor illness course for Men’s Health was needed.

The course is an excellent resource for those consulting with male (or female to male/male to female patients) presenting with the following;

  • Testicular and scrotal pain
  • Testicular and scrotal swelling
  • Symptoms suggestive of testicular cancer
  • Symptoms suggestive of prostate cancer
  • Other benign conditions of the prostate
  • Other urinary presentations
  • Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Other common questions or presentations


To find out more please get in touch

E: info@matrainingenterprise.co.uk or call Annette on 07866 491183