Confident Consulting and Management in Paediatrics Minor Illness

About the course

Unique training programme in Paediatric Education for Primary Care Professionals.

The course will be lead by Priscilla Norgren ( MBBS)
Neurolinguistic Programming (‘NLP’) Master Practitioner

“Based in the Southwest since qualifying, Priscilla is in her 30th year working as a doctor for the NHS. She has been a GP for the last 18 years and going to work provides a welcome relief from managing the tsunami of laundry that forms the basis of most of the rest of her life.

The 12 years she spent as a junior doctor making up her mind about what kind of doctor, she wanted to be provided extensive experience of women’s health, contraception provision, and also a substantial dose of paediatrics, psychiatry, general medicine and care of the elderly.”

We are keen to help Healthcare Professionals including Paramedics, Clinical Pharmacists, Nurses and Health Visitors to provide high quality evidence-based care.

The course will underpin the values that Nurses will treat all children and parents/carers in their care with dignity and humanity including those with learning difficulties and mental health problems. According to the NMC Code of Practice. Considering equality and diversity both of patients and Nurses will be paramount in the programme.


This evidence-based live online course has been developed to improve paediatric minor illness skills for health care professionals by updating knowledge and reflect on current practice.

The course will include theory and practice needed to carry out consultations for Children aged 6 months to 18 years presenting with a minor illness.

Participants will be able to:

Take a comprehensive history from parent and/or child to assess a child presenting with an undifferentiated diagnosis in a minor illness clinic

Participants will be able to:

Use critical thinking to form a provisional diagnosis and manage a child presenting with a minor illness holistically including recognising red flags and spotting the sick child

Participants will be able to:

Identify risks and adapt safe practice when carrying out consultations with children. Including safeguarding situations

Participants will be observed by their mentor in practice whilst completing a workbook and competencies.

Competency Framework in practice (attached) to work with their supervisor in practice. (GP)

Workbook with Case Scenarios, questions and discussion points will be formally marked. This will include evidence of observed physical examination and discussion with their mentor

We use teaching technology that is second to none with teaching as close to face-to-face as possible. It is a very interactive course which requires participants to use a webcam and microphone.

As always, our courses are delivered with humour and include hints and tips from our extensive experience which cannot be found in a textbook. The course is pending accredition by the RCN.

The programme starts with a foundation course which then leads on to a diploma in Paediatric Minor Illness.

Suitable for

This 4 -day course is suitable for Healthcare Professionals who are more experienced with seeing children or babies or who already have undertaken training in history taking and examination skills.

Programme includes

  • Common presentations in Primary Care
  • The systems of the body and the associated diagnosis and management of the child with a minor illness, red flags and undifferentiated diagnosis
  • Prescribing for children


Competencies for practice/assessment case studies

21 CPD points

Certificate of completion

Cost £495 +VAT or pay by instalments £100 +VAT, then 1 further payments of £200 +VAT and final payment of £195 +VAT

If you book both this course with the Paediatric Minor Ilness Foundation at the same time, you pay £650 +VAT (A saving of £145) or by instalments of £100 +VAT and 2 further payments of £200 +VAT and final payment of £150 +VAT

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