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Women’s health and contraception

This interactive 1-day online course uses teaching technology that is second to none teaching as close to face-to-face as possible. This course requires you to use a webcam and microphone. This course is delivered via Zoom and includes a host of hints and tips from our extensive experience that you won’t find in any textbook. Led by GP - Priscilla Norgren (MBBS, MRCG) NLP Master Practitioner This training day is aimed at practitioners who consult with women with problems related to the reproductive system, contraception advice and checks

Introduction travel health

This one-day innovative course will cover important aspects of travel health advice and the administration of immunisations for travellers.   Suitable for Registered Nurses who are new to consulting with patients who need advice and protection against infectious diseases for travel.   The course includes Accountability and competence for the administration of immunisations. Infectious diseases and how to avoid. Personalised risk Assessment and management of patient(s) Reducing risk including those with mental health problems, long term conditions and children. How to find resources to be able to formulate travel plan for patient incl immunisations Advice for people off schedule, early travellers. Covid.

Advanced Blood results interpretation

This one-day course offers the skills and knowledge needed to   Course outcomes Summarise the rationale for ordering the most common radiography, in-house and laboratory tests. Using short case studies demonstrate how to interpret the most common blood tests and laboratory tests Justify the reason for ordering radiography tests. Use results to titrate or change medication. Explore how results can aid decisions about clinical management.

Blood Results Interpretation

This one-day course offers the skills and knowledge needed to interpret common blood test results in the context of a full detailed history and assessment using the test results to aid clinical decision making.   Course outcomes To give practitioners the knowledge needed to provide a safe and effective service for patients enabling practitioners to be accountable for their decisions when interpreting test results