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Vitamin B12

Not just an injection. This course answers lots of questions asked by both clinicians and patients. Content What is B12 deficiency? What are the side effects of Vit B12 injections? Do tablets work? What medications should not be taken when on B12 injections? Who is most likely to be deficient in vitamin B12? ... What are the consequences of a chronic B12 deficiency? ... How long is a vitamin B12 deficiency treated? . When not to give?


A HCA’s contribution to caring for people with asthma and COPD is invaluable. This course can help them to save lives and increase the quality of life for patients. content A brief overview of asthma/COPD Role of the HCA in the Asthma/COPD clinic. How to deliver personalised care whilst meeting the needs of QOF. Saving lives -recognising risk factors and giving advice.


This course will help the Health Care Assistant to understand Diabetes and make a difference content A brief overview of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes Role of the HCA when seeing patients living with diabetes. Treating the person not the disease helping patients make lifestyle choices. Saving lives -recognising risk factors eg hypos and giving advice.


The bread and butter for HCA’s- checking blood pressures and giving advice. This course gives new skills in managing hypertension to be able to help people change lifestyles, and therefore to recognise the importance of the desired clinical outcomes. content An overview of hypertension, risk factors and causes Cholesterol how it affects blood pressure and heart disease Observations and what they mean Lifestyle and health advice Answering those difficult questions