Aligned Care Course

A holistic, whole person approach to patient care

Introducing a unique online training course for healthcare professionals that offers a complete approach to managing patients with long term conditions.

Making a difference to patient care, health outcomes, your job satisfaction and your motivation

Personalised and holistic care has been talked about for many years within the healthcare arena and yet how do we upskill our front-line health professionals to be able to take this into their everyday consulting and interactions?

Education on healthy living has a place, and yet many people suffering with long term conditions know what they need to do, they have the information and yet something is stopping them from acting on it?

Patient engagement and patient satisfaction is something we all seek and yet, with the current challenges within the healthcare arena, how can we actively encourage that outside of simply providing more appointments?

You may find your own motivation, or that of your team members is low and is this impacted by the feeling that you are not making the difference that you went into the profession for?

Designed in collaboration with doctors, nurses, HCA’s, pharmacists and other health care professionals, the Aligned Care Diploma provides front-line health professionals with the skills and tools needed to tackle these challenges. This online course

Online Learning

Recognising the fact that it is not always easy to free yourself or your team up to attend live training, the Aligned Care Diploma course can be completed online at a time and pace that suits you.

Throughout the diploma we cover the following main areas:

  • Understanding long-term conditions, the symptoms and impact
  • Reviewing the problems with the traditional way of working
  • Recognising how changes within your consulting style can align with the NHS long term plan
  • Why it is important to see the person and not the condition
  • Understanding the barriers to behaviour change
  • The psychology of motivation and the impact of identity, values and beliefs
  • How to get underneath the surface of what is stopping the person changing their behaviour
  • Why education and advice do not always work
  • The key steps to taking a coaching and motivational interviewing approach in your consultations
  • The cross-implications of multiple morbidities
  • Dealing with multiple morbidities and polypharmacy in a holistic and aligned way
  • How to build a collaborative partnership relationship with your patients
  • Enhancing your listening skills

Cost – £495 + vat per license.
Discounts available for multiple licenses.

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